Presentations for View Royal's open fibre network:

VION is a new organization formed for the following purposes:

Recognizing that informed uses of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) are important to Vancouver Island's development, and that community-based action to evolve their use in relation to local needs is essential, the Vancouver Island Open Network (VION) will:

  • Promote the use of advanced network technologies and online services for socio-economic development of communities on Vancouver Island,

  • Promote cooperation in the growth of open access network infrastructures and community based networks that will provide reliable, high bandwidth last mile connectivity at fair prices for all communities on Vancouver Island,

  • Work to transform the way in which citizens of communities on Vancouver Island interact with one another, with public and private institutions, and with the world through their use of ICTs.

Membership in VION is open and voluntary to individuals or organizations who can contribute to or will benefit from the development of broadband infrastructure which supports Vancouver Island communities.

VION views the issues and communities addressed in this application as only a part of a larger whole.  We are aware of a number of communities on Vancouver Island that are very interested in acquiring broadband infrastructure.   

VION's aim is to support these communities and to promote shared solutions that will lead to enhanced community control of infrastructure through cost effective solutions.

In VIONs Board of Directors and its embryonic Advisory Committee there exist the following capabilities:
Community Network development
Information technology management
Public library management

The members of the advisory committee represent a number of Island communities, including some of those that are the subject of our BRAND application.

VION is intended to grow the absent capacity for collaboration in the uses of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for development both within and across communities on Vancouver Island.

VION will ensure that learning and control remains with the communities by increasing their capacity to:
a. understand the range and consequences of the various telecom choices available to them
b. evaluate those choices in relation to their socio-economic development needs and plans
c. negotiate the implementation of their choices with the suppliers of ICT services and products.