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BC & Yukon Technical Support Network

The Technical Support Network is a place to start your search for technical help. Ask the right people the right questions to find real solutions:

We will also be inviting technical service providers in your area to increase the opportunities for learning and collaboration.

What is the Technical Support Network?

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The network will bring together the huge range of technical services available in the BC/Yukon region with those non-profit groups that need them. Your needs in the form of requests for help or equipment will be collected through phone-based help desks and through a web site highlighting some new web services at bcyk-tech.net.

Your technical support problems will be posted, for a limited time, onto a community message board for providers of technical support to scan and follow up as they choose. There will also be opportunities for researching solutions and collaborating with other nonprofit organizations to resolve technical issues.

One of the resources will be a registry of technical support professionals, people who are trained, skilled, & willing to resolve technical problems for the non-profit sector. We hope to bring enough service providers to this registry, that there will be a diverse range of solutions, from volunteers, to low-cost help, to high-end solutions. Technical support people who register can decide to work for free to gain important new skills, or to negotiate fees with those they help. There will be a rating system so that you will be able to gauge quality of service before taking someone on.

Be part of the national effort to build the strategic use of technology by the voluntary sector.

Funded by the Government of Canada through the Voluntary particiption of: Vancouver Community Network: 
the regional freenet The Government of Canada