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Welcome to SICAN's home on the net.

SICAN provides computer access to the general public in many locations spread out in the South Vancouver Island region. You can view the listing, hours, and a map of these locations by visiting the "locations and hours" section of the SICAN site. Each one of these sites is equipped with at least two computers and a printer in a comfortable setting. Thousands of visitors are currently using SICAN computers to familiarize themselves with the basics of email, the internet, word processing and the like.

SICAN is funded through Industry Canada as part of the CAP(Community Access Program) and is a close affiliate of the Victoria Free-Net Association. You may contact us at any time if you have any questions or comments.

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What is CAP?

Community Access Program (CAP)
The Community Access Program (CAP) is part of the federal government's intiative to make Canada the most connected country in the world. Launched in 1994, CAP's goal is to establish 10,000 public access sites to the Internet throughout Canada.

The Internet has become a powerful tool for economic and social development in today's global, knowledge-based economy. The Goverment of Canada is committed to providing affordable access to the internet to all its citizens, especially low-income, disadvantaged and young Canadians.


Partners in CAP

Industry Canada
Victoria Telecommunity Network The City of Victoria
Greater Victoria Public Library District of Saanich
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Vancouver Island Regional Library

School District 63

School District 62
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